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Ariana is an aspiring designer in the field of strategic foresight who has spent the past three years engaged in global foresight work. She wants to collaborate with you to find new ways to approach old problems and help design better, more sustainable futures.


Currently Based:




MDes Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Ontario College of Art and Design, Expected 2018

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016



Young Diplomats of Canada, Canadian Delegate

Center for Engaged Foresight, Philippines, Researcher and Foresight Practitioner

UNESCO, Knowledge Laboratory Participant

Future-Oriented Technology Analysis Conference, Brussels, Conference Participant

TEDxUNC, Conference Design Co-Chair

Lucky 8 TV, New York City, Production Intern

Badenya, Sierra Leone, Independent Filmmaker


Ariana is a thinker, problem solver, writer, optimist, creator, dreamer, baker, hiker, runner, environmentalist, story teller, skier, designer, and sunflower enthusiast (in no particular order).

September 2017, Ariana began attending the Ontario College of Art and Design's MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation as her next step toward building better futures and facilitating systems-level transformations through crisis.

Ariana is a proud Canadian-American who grew up moving all over the U.S. and Canada before attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a Morehead-Cain Scholarship.

At UNC, Ariana earned a bachelor’s degree in “Culture, Creativity, and Theory,” a unique interdisciplinary focus she developed to complement her interest in how people approach and understand problems. These studies culminated in an honors thesis about the role constructive and generative visions of the future play in building global resilience in times of political, social, economic, and even spiritual crises. She also minored in (and fell in love with) creative nonfiction writing.

During her studies, Ariana had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy, to travel to Sierra Leone to film a documentary about how indigenous people conceptualize the future, to lead workshops with UNESCO in Paris, and to facilitate other workshops on the future of sustainable cities in the Philippines. She also traveled to Istanbul as a Canadian delegate to the Y20, the youth complement to the annual G20 summit, where she represented the voices of youth in global issues. She speaks conversational French and Italian.

Ariana is on the hunt for her next project, collaboration, or story. Say hello!






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Futures with a Future: An Introduction to the Positive Futures Movement

Honors Thesis at UNC Chapel Hill, Highest Honors

Abstract: Current societal narratives are rife with negative, dystopian, fearful images of the future. In this paper, I propose that there is a wave of thinkers, activists, individuals, and groups who comprise a movement that does not yet recognize itself as a movement: the positive futures movement. The positive futures movement acknowledges the full complexity and gravity of the multiple crises facing humanity in the future, yet rather than subscribe to conventional dystopia, the movement advocates action and engagement in creating a desirable future. From a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives, those within the movement generally share a common way to frame crises as well as a belief that action taken now can effect a more positive future for humanity and the planet. This text hope to illustrate the commonalities of the positive future movement so that it may gain power in identifying as such, both through its frame of crisis and an analysis of what positivity means to those within it.


We are as Gods

A long-form literary journalism piece anchored by the Long Now Foundation's 10,000 year clock project. A look at the urgency of climate change response and need for future-thinking if our civilization hopes to last for another 10,000 years.

Design Designs

A 'zine-style visual handbook and guide to the new role of designers in our current age. A look at the crisis that calls for a global, collaborative design shift and the prominent thinkers who leading it: Rob Hopkins, Ezio Manzini, Arturo Escobar, J.K. Gibson-Graham, McDonough and Braungart, etc.



Developing a Curriculum for the Discipline of Anticipation: The Six Pillars Approach Philippine Center for Foresight Innovation and Education

A research report summarizing independent research conducted in the Philippines leading Six Pillars-style futures studies workshops.


An Illustrated Guide to the World in 2052

An accessible, visual guide Jorgen Randers text The World in 2052. An exploration of projections for experts around the world for our future, and a synthesis of what this could mean for us now.